Scentsy – Markets Candle Products

Scentsy began in 2003 with an idea of aromatic candles, warmers, with wax heated by the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame. Colette Gunnell and Kara Egan enchant scentsy warmer were the founders and shared the ideas and created a partnership. This is how the company was started.

Orville Thompson was first introduced to Scentsy at a home show in Salt Lake City Utah in 2004. He took home some testers and his family was intrigued by the different scents. Within months Orville and his wife purchased Scentsy from Collette. The company was brought to Idaho. In 2009 the Direct Selling Association awarded Scentsy its highest honor available to a young company. The Rising Star Award for its growth and commitment to ethical business practices.

Scentsy markets candle products to women interested in making extra money. At home. Scentsy sells its products though a field sales force of 40, 000 independent sales representatives known as independent Scentsy Consultants. They market wickless candles, candle warmers, room sprays, travel tins, car candles, plug warmers, and over 80 different scented candles. Scents offer a great compensation plan.

First you receive a starter kit which includes over $200. 00 in products all for $99. 00. You also receive a company replicated website that tracks you and your team’s sales commissions. This is a free service for 3 months and then costs $10. 00 monthly. Scentsy boosts up to 25 % commissions on your personal sales and 9% commissions on your downlines sales.

You must personally or buy $150. 00 in a quarter, this is compounded by the fact that it has to be in a single month in a row of $50. 00 or it does not count. To receive commissions on your team, you must be at lead consultant to qualify. A lead consultant is a person with $500. 00 personal and $1000 in a group whose sale volume in a month and one active front line Scentsy consultant (1st) level. This is not the 9%, at this level you earn 3% from your downline and this is the 3rd level of consultant. You must be at the level to get the 9% commissions.

Scentsy products come with a life time replacement. Warranty for manufacture defects, Customers who have a product that is damaged in shipping, manufacture defects, or has an indication of an electrical issue may return it,

There is no time for repair or replacement through your consultant, or directly though Scentsy. By calling consultant support and following the Returned Merchandise procedure. Scentsy offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee to all customers for any reason. They would prefer customers work with their consultants to handle customer exchanges or replacements.