Third party Review of Scentsy – How to get More Out of your Efforts

Are you looking into joining Scentsy? This Scentsy review will help you understand what you need to build a successful home business. This Scentsy review will also cover why approximately 95% of Scentsy consultants fail with in the first 6 months of signing up. We’ll also go over the Scentsy scam and why some people claim that Scentsy just “steals” people’s money.

The Scentsy scam mindset is usually held by people who have failed in Scentsy or know scentsy diffusers uk someone who failed in either Scentsy or in another MLM. These people usually say they tried everything and talked to everyone they could think of and then they quit before they even got started. I can understand the Scentsy scam mindset though; I was in an MLM that constantly harped on buying more products for samples to hand out, selling directly to the customer, and getting my whole family to consume the products. It got very expensive to say the least, but I didn’t quit and claim it was a scam. Here’s the deal; I bought it, I didn’t have to buy extra but I did, I wasn’t forced to buy extra but I did. I bought more than was required because that’s what I was told to do and that’s what everyone else was doing. Trust me you don’t have to do everything your up-line says. Just remember this; your MLM company (whatever it is) wants to sell their product, they want to sell their tools, and they want to sell their brand. I don’t think Scentsy is a scam, but I will say that you have to be careful and look into what you are buying and whether or not you really need it. Personally, I still have sign up forms, magazines, and “tools” from my last MLM that i never used. People are selling Scentsy products every day without having to spend excess money on products and other things that they don’t personally use. Instead, you should spend your money on solid training and learn how to market properly, and don’t spend it on things you don’t need and things you won’t use.

Now on to the odds of making it in Scentsy; I promise the odds are better than winning the lottery! The statistics say that 95% of network marketers fail. Wow. When i found that out my heart kind of sank because I really liked the industry and I didn’t want to fail. The two main reasons why MLMer’s fail is lack of cash or lack of leads (or both). Your primary responsibility as a Scentsy consultant (or networker in general) is to get the proper training so you can generate leads and build a team.

Network marketing is not for people looking for quick cash. Basically you have two choices in this business, you can dabble in network marketing and eventually find a reason to quit, or you can put in the work until you become successful.

Here’s a good statistic: 90% (actually, I think it’s more) of network marketers reach the top of their company’s payment plan if they stick with that one company for ten years or more. Now you do have to work, you can’t just sign up and do nothing for ten years and expect results.

How do you become successful in Scentsy? How do you become successful in any MLM? By getting the word out, having eyeballs on presentations, and calling leads (yes, you have to call). The trick is to find the leads to call, and the people to see presentations. How is this done? Usually when you start in an MLM they encourage you to call everyone you know, which is a strategy that has worked forever. My problem was that i didn’t have a very large market that was close by, I was doing a fair amount of traveling, and the results from my actions weren’t very residual. See, I’m not just about a residual income; I want residual advertising as well. By using an online lead system, I find people who are already interested in network marketing. Right now I have a few articles ranking on the first page of Google with some decent key words, which gives me a lot of free exposure, and I didn’t have to run all over the place to do it. I can also work on presentations, articles, and other avenues of advertising when i have the time. I have three kids 3 years and under so extra time gets a little hard to come by.

Listen, if you want to generate leads online you need a lead system you can trust. My advice is that you should look at some of the free training that most lead systems offer, then join the place you like the best. Here’s a helpful hint; your lead system/online marketing training central should over deliver ten times over on their training (if they’re any good). Good luck on your MLM journey to the top.