Rattan Sofa Set and Some of the Variants to look for

The rattan furniture market is booming and there are many different shapes and styles to pick and choose from to suit your area of choice.

Here I will be going through some of the different types of Rattan Sofa Sets that are akoa coffee set available and some of the features that they offer.

Classic Rattan Sofa Sets

The classic rattan sofa usually consists of two chairs, one sofa and a glass topped coffee table. There are some sets that offer more units with the set for example; they might include foot stools or a larger three seater sofa. It all depends on what you are after at the time and if you want/need the extra units on offer.

This is a winning combination and is suitable for people who are looking to add a comfortable stylish seating area to their garden. This combination allows for you and your guests to relax and enjoy after a hard day at work in what little sunshine we can get in the evening and weekends.

Corner Rattan Sofa Sets

The corner rattan sofa is a concept that has been around for a while but usually had a higher price tag on them due to the sizes and construction of them, not to mention that you usually only have one arrangement that you can put the corner set into which is the “L Shape” arrangement.

The corner sofa usually consist of one corner unit, two two seater sofas (A left and right handed sofa) and a coffee table. And again, just like the other types of rattan sofa sets, there can be extra units available like the footstools or extra arm chair.

The corner Rattan Sofa Set is ideal for people that has the space to put the furniture into and for people who are happy for it to sit in that same place for a very long time and don’t need to move it around often.

Modular Rattan Sofa Sets

The modular Rattan Sofa Set offers even more functionality than the corner set because there are more units to this which in turn means that you can have many different arrangements and you can also move single units to other parts of your garden to maximise potential seating space and to ensure that you and your guests are comfortable while you are relaxing.

There are two types of Modular sofa sets. The first is the rounded corner unit set which consist of one round back corner unit, two armless modular chairs and two square corner units.

The second type is the truly modular set which consists of three corner units and three armless units.

Also note that both the above types usually come with extra units as well which can consists of a coffee table or/and a footstool.

Modular sofa sets usually offer the most practicality and room to expand the furniture set as and when you need to. You can usually buy the base model and then buy extra units for when/if you need a bigger seating area.

With this being modular, you can take the furniture and you can separate the individual units to create other smaller combinations to place around your garden area.


So it all comes down to the size of your garden and what kind of features that you want/need.

If you have a small garden and are looking to replace some older furniture (usually rotten wooden furniture) then the classic Rattan Sofa Set would be more suited to you unless you are looking to upgrade to something a little bigger.

If you have a garden that has a reasonably bigger footprint, then either the corner or modular set will be suited to you and with the added benefits of the Modular Rattan Sofa you can afford to just get one sofa set and split it into smaller sections to provide a better seating arrangement for you and your guests.