Classic Outdoor Party Games Your Guests Will love

If you have access to a great outdoor space than being able to host a birthday party outside opens up many possibilities. For one your guests will be able to play many different outdoor party games. Here are some suggestions of games to play to get your guests up and moving and having fun.

Water Balloon Toss. Cool off with this classic game that requires teams of 2. Have each team line outdoor activities for hire up across from one another with a 3 foot gap separating the lines. You will need to have some pre-filled water balloons. Hand one to a member of each team. Each team will toss the balloon back and forth to each other, moving back one step backward after each round. As each team moves farther apart from each other, it will be harder to catch the balloon. The last team with an intact balloon wins.

Three Legged Race. This is also a game played with a partner. They will stand side by side and the two legs closest to each other are tied together. Have the course marked off with a start and finish line. Give a ready, set, go and the teams are off. The first team to cross the finish line wins.

Hula Hoop Contest. This classic toy also makes a fun game. It is also a simple one. You will need to have a hula hoop for each guest or do it in smaller groups. The person that can keep the hula hoop going the longest, without touching the ground, is the winner.

Scavenger Hunt. You can either hide objects beforehand or create a list of items to find that are commonly found outside. Some suggestions for items: acorn, leaf, rock, pinecone, etc. Give each person a bucket or bag to place their items in and a copy of the list. The first to collect everyone on the list wins.

Egg Race. Each person will need a spoon and a fresh egg. They will need to place the egg on the spoon and then carry it in front of them for the race. Have a clearly marked course, the more turns, the harder it will be to keep the egg on the spoon. The winner is the first person to cross the finish line with an unbroken egg.

These five ideas will keep your guests entertained and having a great time. If any of the games prove to be very popular you can play them a second time as well.